Lowlevel webforms

Most webform plugins let you create forms interactively. They have many options, some even let you insert PHP code. But in the end they all create some html.

The idea of this plugin is that it creates basic html which you then can modify for your needs. The plugin sends emails to the visitor and the admin, for each of them you can create a template containing the field values. And it provides the hooks you need to create your own functionality.


- In your WordPress backend, go to the 'Plugins' page, click 'New' and enter 'lowlevel-webforms' in the search field. Find the plugin in the list and click 'install'. Activate the plugin.
- In the plugin options, create the forms you need. They will be created as custom posts, you will find them in the webforms menu.
- Via ftp, go to /wp-content/themes/[current theme]/webforms/[form name].php and modify the file. Create any html form you like.
- In the backend on the corresponding webform post, set the options you need for sending emails. In all templates you can add {variablename} for each variable you used in the form
- Add  custom functionality in functions.php


plugin options


form post


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