Campaign Monitor Synchronization

Do you maintain a list of members on your WordPress website? And do you want to use the same list on Comaign Monitor for sending emails? This plugin will keep the list on Campagin Monitor in sync with the list on Wordpress.

Note, this means that users will be deleted from Campaign Monitor if you delete them from your WordPress list. If this is not what you want, use the follow linkCampaign Monitor Dual Registration plugin instead.

How it works

Say, you want visitors on your website to register before they can post a comment. And you want those people to be added to your subscriber list also. You will find yourself copy-pasting users from your WordPress website to your Campaign Monitor account all the time.

The Campaign Monitor Synchronization plugin does this for you !


- Register on and create a list.
- In the WordPress backend, search for the plugin "campaign-monitor-synchronisation" and install it.
- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
- In the plugin options, enter the API key and list ID that can be found on your Campaign Monitor pages.
- Select which fields you want to copy to Campaign Monitor.


Free support for web designers / developers

Support needed? If you are a professional web designer or developer you can get free personal support for this plugin. Just subscribe for the peer group.

Otherwise post your question here:

Technical details

The Campaign Monitor Synchronization plugin checks every 15 minutes whether there has been changes in the user list on WordPress, without contacting Campaign Monitor.

Only if there has been a change, it compares the WordPress user table with the version on Campaign Monitor. This can also be forced by pressing "save and sync" on the plugin options page.

When there are differences only the modifications will be sent to Campaign Monitor in a single batch using its API. So by all means the plugin tries to minimise the number of external requests, while maintaining a reasonable level of synchronization.

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