WordPress Plugin Development


You know WordPress plugins. The simple ones make little tweaks in how your website looks or behaves. The complex ones are web applications in their own right, like web shops or reservation systems.

Maybe you didn't realize, but every plugin out there is built and maintained by real humans made of flesh and blood. And I am one of them.

Really any functionality you want can be built as a WordPress plugin. The advantage of a plugin is that it is a neat package of code that can be created, maintained, copied and installed independently of the rest of a website. So a plugin is just an efficient way of managing a project.

Need WordPress to do something that it does not do by itself? Tell me about your ideas so we can find out how I can help you best. Because really, everything is possible.

Free plugins

I have built many WordPress plugins, some of them are available for free.

One of them is DirectEdit, a WordPress front-end editing tool. It enables you to keep your website up-to-date without visiting the backend.


I am one of the initiators of Webdesign The Hague, a collaboration of designers, frontend developers, SEO specialists and all kinds of programmers. I will be happy to introduce them to you. Tell me about your project so I can help you out.